In 2021

We offered video game tokens from “My Neighbor Alice” to the community member who contributed the most edits to the inaugural issue’s final review, Ximena Cordon. 🎉

In Q1-Q2 2022

We used **Layer3** for external bounty/freelance opportunities related to the ETH multisig wallet, managed by ETH keyholder Autumn Phaneuf, the winner of this 50 USDC bounty was our first anonymous contributor from outside the community, metadev.sismo.eth. 🌐

Next we offered anyone inside the community the opportunity to help Des Femmes co-founder Camila Russo run the 2022 print issue crowdfunding campaign via Gitcoin (June 8-23, 2022) in exchange for 1 Crypto Coven NFT. Both Autumn Phaneuf and Des Femmes advisor Sasha Hodder participated in running the campaign, with Autumn contributing the most active social media support, so Autumn won the NFT! 🎉


In Q3 2022

Next we offered this Peace Girl” by NFT artist Shreya Bhan to the community member who contributed the most unpaid copyediting and proofreading (coordinated by magazine editor **Sterling Schuyler)** to the 2022 edition of Des Femmes Magazine by August 1, 2022, a bounty won by aspiring NFT artist Miriam Reza! 🎁


Then we awarded Medea” by NFT artist Yoko Fomo to bitcoin keyholder Jaye Harrill , in gratitude for her continuous operations support since 2021, as the community member who made the most contributions to Notion documentation and feedback by August 15, 2022.

Screen Shot 2022-08-14 at 12.53.15 PM.png

Last, but certainly not least, we awarded Valenftines #37” ( minted by Jaclyn Chan and Leigh Cuen as part of the Des Femmes community NFT swap for Valentine’s Day 2022) to community member Jordan Kong for magazine copyediting feedback before the August 30. We’re lucky to have so many amazing contributors to this grand finale edition of the print magazine! 🍀


😍 💎 😍  💎 😍  💎 😍 💎 😍 💎 😍 💎 😍 💎 😍 💎 😍 💎 😍 💎 😍 💎 😍 💎 😍 💎 😍  💎 😍 💎 😍

In Q4 2022


We’re still experimenting with how bounty programs play into the Des Femmes ecosystem, especially with the **2022 mentorship program** (open to feminists of all genders). Below you can find the guidelines that program participants followed to apply for bitcoin bounties worth roughly $100 each, thanks to our sponsor Superlunar. The deadline was October 12, 2022. We’ve been deeply impressed by the high quality of participants including 13 mentee submissions and many mentors that received upstanding feedback.

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